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Enjoy Today

A couple of days ago, I was watching highlights from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, their annual unveiling of the latest and greatest technological gadgets and goodies.  The WWDC has turned into a sort of Christmas for both the tech-savvy and the tech-challenged, of which, I am the latter.  I watched as they unveiled the new Macbook Pro, complete with retina display, 5 million pixels on a single screen, and jet boosters that take you to the moon.  I watched on my Macbook, which I've owned and enjoyed for a few years now.  You already know what happens next in this story.  I stared at my "old, outdated" Macbook and was overcome by a sudden dissatisfaction.  It was working fine, doing everything I needed it to do.  It is absolutely the best computer I've ever owned.  It was more than enough when I woke up that morning but after a short little video from Apple, it was the biggest piece of crap computer I'd ever seen and I needed to upgrade! In Matthew 6:34, Jesus says, "Don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself."  Most of the people he was talking to were peasants living under the oppressive rule of a foreign empire.  They worried about paying 90% taxes and still having enough money to buy food for their families.  Things are a bit different for us.  I don't worry about immediate necessities like food, shelter, and clothing.  Instead, I am concerned with what's next.  My guess is that, to a certain extent, you are too.  We live in a world where the non-essentials - technology, fashion, entertainment, etc. - evolve at an alarming rate.  We talk about sequels to movies before the movies themselves are released.  I never feel cool enough because the minute I buy a pair of jeans, they're out of style.  My awesome laptop sucks the moment I hear about a newer model.

But all these advancements in technology, all these new forms of entertainment, and all the latest fashion trends aren't just giving us something.  They're also taking something precious from us.  They're stealing from us the ability to enjoy the present and robbing us of the simple pleasures of the here and now.  They're poisoning our gratitude and appreciation into bitterness, envy, and greed.  Maybe if Jesus could speak the words of Matthew 6:34 to us today,  he'd say, "Don't worry about tomorrow...ENJOY TODAY."  We live privileged lives.  We stress over luxuries, not necessities.  So let's remember that we are blessed with abundance.  And the most Godly thing we can do is enjoy every moment fully, not worrying about what might be tomorrow, instead finding contentment and satisfaction in what is today.