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I consider it a tremendous privilege and joy if anything I have to say might be helpful for you or your community.

Please email me at jay@vintagechurch.org with any inquiries about speaking at your event or gathering.

Below are a few teaching samples, along with some endorsements. 


Nancy Ortberg

Author, Speaker, CEO of TBC.city

There is freshness and depth to Jay's teaching and that's a rare combination. I have listened to him teach passages I know well and have found myself considering in new ways what God is saying. Along with his teaching, he is strong, kind, full of integrity and smart... perhaps the rarest of combinations.

Dan Kimball.jpg

Dan Kimball

Author, Speaker, Leader at Vintage Faith Church (Santa Cruz, CA)

Jay is a gifted communicator who can speak effectively to a wide variety of people. He teaches from the Bible in a way that inspires and connects with people, helping them not only know more about Jesus but also commit more deeply to following him.


Steve Clifford

Lead Pastor at WestGate Church (Silicon Valley, CA)

I have had the opportunity to hear Jay teach many times and I have always found him not only thoughtful but also Biblical. He has an ability to bring the truth of the Scriptures to light in real and very personal ways.  He is clear, funny and applicational in a way that challenges me to be more like Jesus and more the man I want to be. Having been up close and personal to see Jay and his family, I can tell you he is the real deal. If you get the chance to hear Jay speak, jump on it! You'll be the better for it!

Josh Shipp.jpg

Josh Shipp

Author, Speaker, Youth Speaker University

Jay Kim is an intelligent and engaging speaker. He unpacks complex ideas in a way that helps people move past self-imposed hindrances and experience a new level of hope. 


Joshua Ryan Butler

Author, Speaker, Pastor at Redemption Church (Phoenix, AZ)

Jay Kim inspires and impacts with his love of God and people, communicating in a way that connects strongly with where our culture is at, while calling us deeper into faithfulness with Jesus. If you're looking for someone to partner with your ministry for the kingdom, I highly recommend him!


Drew Dyck

Author, Speaker, Editor at Christianity Today & Moody Publishing

Jay Kim is one of the most thoughtful young Christian leaders I know. He's an outstanding communicator with a rare ability to apply ancient biblical wisdom to contemporary cultural issues. I've been personally stretched and edified by his writing and look forward to see how God will continue to use Jay in the future. 

Josh Fox

Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Director of Anthem Worship

My friend Jay Kim has a beautiful mind, razor sharp wit, and a big heart that breaks to see broken people brought back into relationship with God.  When Jay speaks, I’m leaning in. 


Rene Schlaepfer

Lead Pastor at Twin Lakes Church (Aptos, CA)

Jay preaches like he’s got the Bible in one hand and his iPhone in the other - that is to say, he combines true Biblical teaching with up-to-date insight into contemporary culture, with all of its distractions and challenges to biblical truth. His insights have helped me grow. If you want true, deep teaching that speaks to the post-modern mind, plus warm, genuine, authentic humor that speaks to everyone’s heart, then Jay’s your man!

forrest jenan.jpg

Forrest Jenan

Lead Pastor at Neighborhood Church (Visalia, CA)

Jay is armed with an ability to weave cultural insight, biblical depth, and human need into one of the most compelling messages you will ever experience.